Ashey Date For Hire From Leeds

Ref: DFH1365
Name: Ashey
Age: 27yrs
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 5’5″
Dress size: 10-12
Location:  Leeds

Working area:   Leeds & surrounding area

Speaks: Englisg & Urdu

To arrange  a booking call Date For Hire  Tel: 07777 646 750 BBM: 2B740CF0

or email with full details of your date

Please Note:
24 hours notice required for a booking
Minimum booking 2 hours 
Extended dates available upon request

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Jennifer Attractive Ebony Dinner Date From London

1Ref: DFH1324
Name: Jennifer

Age: 25yrs
Hair: Brown
Bust: 34D
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’6″
Dress size: 10/12

Fluent languages in French and Lingala
Location: London
Working area: London & Kent
Availability: Weekdays, Evenings, Weekends

I think I would be great as a companion because I’m a friendly and helpful person with a bubbly personality who enjoys meeting new people.
My hobbies include working out at the gym to keep a healthy lifestyle, I’m an artist so I draw, paint on canvas during my free time. I enjoy travelling to learn about different cultures around the world been around Europe and Africa loved every minute of my special time on holiday.

Hopefully hear from you soon! X

To arrange a booking call Date For Hire Tel: 07777 646 750 BBM: 2B740CF0

or email with full details of your date

Kristina Attractive Non Sexual Escort From London

CD1326 - 002Ref: DFH1326
Name: Kristina

Age: 36yrs
Hair: Light Brown
Bust: 34C
Eyes: Dark Green/Grey
Height: 168cm
Dress size: 8

Languages: Czech, Slovakian & English

Location: SW London 
Working area: SW London & Central London
Availability:  Weeks days, Evenings, Weekends


I have very good social skills, I am able to engage in any conversation and I am good company as I have been told by people I meet and am friends with. My life skills vary from background working as a personal trainer therefore being able to pick up on peoples personalities, what makes them want to or not want to exercise and what makes them comfortable and happy.
My interests are music, classical and Spanish mainly, theatre, cinema, history and reading books. I also love keeping fit and I go to the gym 3-4 times per week.
I am intelligent, well spoken and fun to be around.
To arrange a booking call Date For Hire Tel: 07777 646 750 BBM: 2B740CF0

or email with full details of your date